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Let's ReVillage Our City.

Do you need affordable, part-time childcare for ages 0-5?

Do you desire to build meaningful community among other families?

Do you feel alone in the champion work of balancing parenting, work + everything else in life?

ReVillage is a play-based, community-centered, childcare co-operative hosted in Bend by families like you.


As education professionals and community organizers, we know that when families create community, they are more powerful together. ReVillage accompanies individual villages, as well as channel the energy of those villages into advocating for systemic change so that, one day, all families might have access to the childcare they need and deserve.  




Our set up works best for families that view this program both as an affordable option and an opportunity to be active participants in building & sustaining a little village for ourselves and other households in the co-op.​


We help you find your Village of families 

  • We connect you to other families in Bend with kiddos ranging from 0-5 years old while taking personal preferences and needs into account. Our vision is for our villages to be diverse across background and income. 

  • We ask for a minimum 3 month commitment of full engagement and participation in your Village.


  • We find a location that will work best for your village. Oftentimes, we tend to lean towards spaces that are already “up to code” such as church nurseries and empty educational facilities but if your village is comfortable in operating out of a house, we can help you with the resources and tools to set up a safe space to do so.

We help you

find a location for

your Village 

We help you get

your Village off to

a great start 

  • After meeting with your Village, each member will go through the Village’s commitments and agree to its safety guidelines. ​

  • We offer resources your village could need like access to certifications and trainings, admin documents like sign in sheets and incident reports

  • We offer a “play binder” that can be used as your village sees fit which includes play based invitations, activities, explorations and ideas.

  • We offer other resources and toolkits that you may need to feel ready to start your village! 

We support you while you’re a part of a Village


  • We offer online videos, parent education, and webinars either pre recorded or on zoom regarding child development, play based learning ideas, and social emotional learning 

  • We provide you with open lines of communications if you need to reach out talk to our team

  • We can provide you the resources you need if you are feeling like your family needs to transition into a different Village.

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More questions? We would love to hear from you!

Please use our contact form and our coordinator will get in touch with you soon!

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A collaboration between Storydwelling & First Presbyterian in Bend, Oregon


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