Little Boy with Crayons


1. I have multiple children I would like to enroll at ReVillage. Is there a sibling discount?  In order to keep the co-op model sustainable, each sibling slot will be charged the full tuition of $350 per month. However, waitlist priority will go towards siblings of current ReVillage families. 

2. How does the waitlist work? Start with filling out the enrollment form for your child. Once completed, a ReVillage staff member will reach out to you letting you know where you've been placed on the waitlist or if there are any current openings for your child. 

3. I'm excited to "give time" to the co-op but also have an infant at home. Am I allowed to bring my baby with me to the center when giving time?  Our center only allows the children that are currently enrolled to be present in the classroom each day.  So, unfortunately, you cannot bring your infant with you when giving time to the center.